AMC Urban Home

AMC Urban Home is a specialty real estate brokerage from Barcelona, Spain, that focuses on property development and judicial services among other services. AMC teamed up with GV Entertainment to develop their online platform and identity through their new logo. 


We began with their logo and how to express modernism and minimalism. The stakeholder stressed they would like to modernize yet carry humility. This led to our process (image process below). 


Once we created the logo we further developed their brand through the color palette that describes AMC and work it seamlessly on their webpage. 

Digital presence

Visibility is the next and concurrent phase as we implement SEO and Google My Business to boost their presence in various social media platform and SEM.  

  • Key practices that boost online presence is video content and frequent posting. 

Our contribution

  • Brand building
  • Logo development
  • Profile development
    (social media)
  • Strategy posting
    (content plan)
  • Website development
  • Seamless integration 

What our client had to say