Kitos Light AS

  Collaboration with Kitos Light AS . They build robust smart benches all over the Nordics.They strive every day to optimize their products and services to strengthen the renewable sector. Here are some words that Kitos Light AS wrote about us in GV Entertainment:“GV Entertainment is our go-to partner for strategic and professional content production. A total supplier […]

What is SEO and why it matters?

SEO GV Entertainment

Search engine optimization (SEO) is simply google positioning marketing. In other words, it is the rank of your website and how certain keywords are affiliated to your webpage. For instance, if I was to search “video commercial Bergen” and your company website appears at the top, this is SEO at work. However, this is the […]

Graphic design

For those of you who love colors and beautiful things in life, it is with a clear conscience that GV Entertainment can say the same. Graphic design is associated with most of the objects and work we do. This is visible in the GV Entertainment portfolio such as: Posters, Business Card Design, Logo, Icons, Menus, […]

Web design

This is extremely important for you who read this article, the reason is that often we in the IT team see that there are more and more who focus on great design and rich text, which is not wrong nor gives praise. Challenges that GV Entertainment and other web designers face are compatibility and Google […]

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is communication and marketing through Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms. GV Entertainment focuses on platforms that ensure the greatest possible return to you as a customer. This means we work to increase website traffic so that you get more quality leeds than pure quantity, in other words quality over quantity. How […]

Welcome to the 5th version

GV Entertainment website is on its 5.5 revolution! This means this website has been redesigned 5.5 times. GV Entertainment is a total provider of marketing services such as website design, digital marketing, facebook, instagram, google my business, SEO, graphic design such as posters, business card designs, banners, logos, flyers, brochures and magazines. We do much […]