Summer 2021 Bergen saw its first beach festival. This twoday festival is an initiative to create a positive atmosphere of good vibes and social activity for Bergen. Despite the pandemic, Bystrandfestivalen adhered to all regulations and was visited by the prime minister for the promotion of social activity and events during the global pandemic.  

Our contribution

  • Brand building
  • Profile development (social media)
  • Strategy posting (content plan) 
  • Flyer
  • Print design (t shirt)
  • Logo development
  • Video Ad
  • Before and after
  • After-movie 

The case

Bystrandfestivalen wanted a new logo that reflected summer and relaxing vibe that a person experience at a beach in southern Europe Thereafter, required a promotional flyer expressing something new with a twist in design or look. Lastly, a promotional video and after movie of the event. 

Our solution

Designed the logo based on what is commonly associated with tropics, that is palm trees. Below you can see the logo process that highlight how we came to it. Promotional flyers are designed to grab the corner of your eye with color ratio based on clarity and readability.

What our client had to say