Bergen native meal delivery service tailored to gym goers

Fit Me

Bergen native meal delivery service tailored to the fitness, gym goers and everyone who enjoys macro specific meals! Fit Me is known sponsor for many top athletes such as Salum Kashafali (sprinter 2020 Tokyo Olympics), Tim Robin, Lihaug (Boxer), Bjørn Tore Taranger (ultra-runner), Marcus Bratli (weightlifter) and more.

Our contribution

  • Brand building
  • Profile development (social media)
  • Strategy posting (content plan) 

The case

Boost social media presence and increase Fit Me brand in Bergen. Project received March 2020 and project completion March 2021 

Our solution

We created tailored specific social media posting plan with content focused marketing. We increased Fit Me social media presence with 8X growth percentage. 

We also reimagined how Fit Me presents itself through visual marketing, by this we focused more on creating daily routines with ease, such that anyone can experience a Fit Me meal.

What our client had to say